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A note from the Admin.
I'm writing this post for two reasons: 1) To ask for help and 2) to let you know we've broadened our aim.

G'day. I'm Alistair and I set up this website.


I created this website to provide resources for Christians about head covering that come from the Southern Hemisphere, and more specifically, Australasia and the Pacific Region.


The problem is, I can find hardly anything.


That's not to say that there are no Christians who practice head covering around here, but those who do mainly belong to a church for whom the tradition is old hat (ha!) and they have no particular teachings on the passage. I cannot even find a sermon on 1 Corinthians 11:2-16 from those churches.


There are also individuals around here who have realised this tradition is a biblical requirement, but, again, testimonies, accounts, thoughts are like hen's teeth - almost impossible to find. I have only managed to find one testimony to post (thanks Margot!).


So, what to do? I'm writing this post for two reasons:


1. To ask for your help. If you are aware of any head covering resources from this part of the world - or if you would like to produce some - please contact me through the socials below or email me at admin@headcovering.org.


2. To let you know I am going to broaden the website's focus. I still want to emphasise resources from the Southern Hemisphere, but, truth be told, there are some really excellent resources out there that do not come from around here. It would be a shame if you missed them.



It's true there's hardly anything from this area of the world, but there are a couple of resources I have found.


I'll post about them next.