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Head Covering: Man and Woman Restored in Christ.

We celebrate head covering. Men with heads uncovered display the manness of Christian men; women with heads covered display the womanliness of Christian women. This is worth celebrating!


God created humanity as a family - man as head and woman as helper - to live and work and play together for the good of creation and the glory of God.


Sin ruined this. Since the Fall, humans have either overemphasised the differences between men and women leading to oppression and violence, or overemphasised the similarities between men and women leading to a break down of family and society.


Our Western culture has overemphasised the similarities between men and women to the point where sexual difference is said to be based in a person's feelings rather than their bodies. These feelings, if we are to believe the voices of the moment, can tell us we have options far more numerous than man and woman. And thanks to medical science, we don't have to be bound by what our physical selves tell us. We can change our bodies to fit.


Christ died and rose again to redeem and restore the whole person of everyone who puts their faith in him, and that includes our created sex*. Humans were made male and female. Jesus redeems and restores humans as male and female.


Head covering signifies that.



* There are real and rare instances where people are born intersex. The Church has been aware of these people throughout history, has welcomed them as members of the Church and ministered to them both very well and extremely badly.


Who we are.

We are a Reformed/Evangelical website accepting contributions from a variety of Christians and churches, mainly (but not exclusively) across the Southern Hemisphere, including Presbyterian, Baptist, Brethren, non-denominational, Pentecostal, etc.


We believe the Bible is infallible and inerrant.