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I'm writing this post for two reasons: 1) To ask for help and 2) to let you know we've broadened our aim.
Historical Head Covering: Clement of Alexandria
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Clement of Alexandria (150-215) put head covering and culture together in extreme ways.
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Childbirth is a great equaliser.
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"My church doesn't teach head covering." But the Church does!
Why I cover
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Margot Biggs explains why she covers!
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Head covering is backed by nature. In what way?
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Head covering points us back to Creation. How?
Let’s Get Traditional, Traditional.
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Head covering is a biblical tradition. It's very clear. But to some people it's not.
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Paul answers questions about head covering in 1 Corinthians 11:2-16. The first thing he does is talk about Christ.
Historical Head Covering: Linus
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This is possibly the first mention of head covering outside the Bible. Possibly. Maybe.